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Teaching all styles of Skateboarding & Longboarding

SURE's primary mission is to promote skateboarding as a viable and unique means of local transportation for all age groups. Modern Cruiser and Longboards make traveling distances smoother and easier than skating on equipment designed for doing tricks. This has made skateboarding an accessible option for those who aren't inclined to be daredevils.

SURE is also committed to teaching skateboarding from the perspective that it is a multifaceted activity and has several specialized disciplines such as Street, Transition, Sliding, Slalom, Freestyle, Cruising, Downhill, Push, and Distance Skating.  

SURE's support of skateboarding begins with comprehensive lessons to all ages of the community, including basic to advanced riding techniques and all safety measures involved. SURE's promotional outreach includes online social networks, group rides, and a collective collaboration with local skateboard businesses and professional skateboarders.  

SURE is the passionate vision of former professional freestyle skater and 1990 National Amateur Champion Rob Rodrigues, who uses skateboarding as his main form of transportation throughout New York City and the outer boroughs.  

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